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In the early part of 2020, as Covid was exploding into the news, Kevan Stewart had a dream to create the most beautiful and unique wedding venue in Jamaica.  An entreprenaur and professional Disc Jockey, he had spent countless hours at area resorts and venues providing entertainment for weddings and parties and watching how everything came together (or didn’t, in some cases). He set out to find the perfect location and found it at 2 Oscar Terrace in Montego Bay.  The property was in disaray and needed a lot of work and love, but it was clearly the right place.

In September 2020, Jamaica had recently emerged from a countrywide lockdown and tourism was crawling back with strict protocols and requirements. The opportunity was ripe to start the renovation process and begin creating the beautiful vision of the venue that you see today.  Renovations continued through the end of 2020 and into the new year (and improvements are continually happening) and The Palm Terrace started accepting guests as an AirBnB in early 2021 and began hosting the first events in mid-2021. The venue unofficially launched on January 1, 2022 with an official opening in June 2022.